Nature needs your help -- we won't have nature to photograph if it is destroyed by litter and abusive use of the land.


How this Organization Started and Where it's Headed

Recently, I visited several wilderness areas in Arizona where trash and litter were abundant, including most recently the Tres Rios Wetlands. Having seen enough, I decided to do something about it! I started by cleaning some of these areas myself, with the help of a few friends. Then, I decided to do more.


I posted a request to Facebook, asking for volunteers if I helped coordinate a clean-up effort at Tres Rios. In just four days, almost 50 people and two organizations responded with an offer to help!


Inspired and moved by the offering of support, I reached out to the City of Phoenix Water Services Department and Arizona Game and Fish Department, both of whom own different areas of Tres Rios Wetlands. After several calls and meetings where I gave details about our resources, volunteer interest, and intent -- we have received permission, support (and a huge "THANK YOU") from the City of Phoenix (and I am still working with Arizona Game and Fish). We can now go ahead with the effort!


--Lisa Langell

Nature needs your help! Join us!

Past Events:

I want to offer a heartfelt THANK YOU to each participant, sponsor and coordinator who helped with this effort. You are truly amazing, dedicated and passionate about not just photography, but caring for nature. I cannot express my appreciation for your dedication enough.

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Nature needs your help! Join us!

The Photographer Behind the Cause

Lisa Langell

Lisa Langell (Langell Photography, LLC) Organizer of Tres Rios Wetlands: "Picture it Clean" Trash Pick-up & Photography Event.


Lisa Langell is an award-winning, professional photographer who resides in Scottsdale, AZ.  She is also an expert-level instructor for adult learners, incorporating a warm, friendly, upbeat, interactive and sensitive approach to teaching photography.


Lisa has conducted workshops and presentations from Guam to Prince Edward Island, and across the USA and Canada.  Her passion is in creating quality, beautiful images and in helping others do the same!   For more information, please visit Lisa's website by clicking here 

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